Direct Mail

Project Challenge: Increase residence vacancy by targeting local senior’s. 8% response with newly signed residents! Three-time mailing spaced 30 days.

Mail recipients were invited to visit the residence for a tour and free lunch.

Project Challenge: Introduce a product to a tight niche market, Architects that design rotating restaurants, removable roofs, large sliding (hanger) doors... 4.5% response! Three-time mailing spaced 30 days apart.

Mail recipients were asked to go on line to watch a video. At the end of video play they were invited to “register” for a free erector set. At that time, their name was captured and sent to sales for a follow up sales call.

Here are just a few samples of direct mail programs. The one we’re most proud of is for Demag and their Demag Travel Wheel System. Read the overview and view the video, you’ll  see why it was as success.

Whether it’s direct mail or promoting your event, give us a call, we’d like to show you what we can do -  together.

   - Scott